IF YOUR CONSIDERING SELLING and you have a uniform appraisal report

more than one year old...PLEASE get a new one.Most people have no idea

what their property is worth in today's market.It doesn't matter what

your tax appraisal says...It doesn't matter what you paid for

it.Comparable SALES tell the story and the market will decide the

selling price.I can give you comparables....An

appraiser can give you worth or what a bank(mortgage company) would

loan on your property.Had a client bring in his uniform commercial

appraisal on his property located in Mt.Juliet from 2008 at $380,000

lol.....Just to let you know... things have changed dramatically even

in the past four years...GET IT APPRAISED IF YOUR UNSURE or waste

valuable marketing time and miss out on qualified buyers with

overpricing your property. Email questions to homebuyers@me.com


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